Windscribe Not Connecting in 2022 – A Troubleshooting Guide

Windscribe Not Connecting in 2022 – A Troubleshooting Guide Анемометр

Software conflicts

VPNs often fail due to local software conflicts. Most often, firewalls or other VPN clients are the culprits.

How can i fix windscribe not working?

Windscribe Not Connecting in 2022 – A Troubleshooting Guide

That’s right, when something doesn’t seem to work, uninstalling and reinstalling it should be one of the first things you do.

After you uninstall Windscribe, it would be a good idea to make sure the associated TAP/TUN adapter driver is also uninstalled.

Furthermore, instead of using the same installation kit you downloaded to your PC, you might want to visit Windscribe and download the latest installer version.

Now instead of rush-clicking the whole process to completion, take your time and make sure you launch the installer with Administrator privileges.

Simply right-click it and select Run as administrator.

Last, but not least, when the setup process comes to an end, also try launching Windscribe with Administrator rights.

Windscribe Not Connecting in 2022 – A Troubleshooting Guide

Your ISP-assigned DNS might be just a smidge restricted, which may result in various connectivity issues.

Yes, it could also make Windscribe refuse to connect.

Just to get it out of the way, you should try switching to a free alternative, such as Google’s public DNS.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Right-click your Start menu
  2. Select Network Connections
  3. Click the Change adapter options button
  4. Right-click your default Internet connection
  5. Select Properties
  6. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  7. Click the Properties button
  8. Toggle the Use the following DNS server addresses option
  9. In the Preferred and Alternate fields type, respectively
  10. Click the OK button to confirm the changes you’ve done
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Now it’s not a must to flush your DNS (clear old DNS records), but it’s definitely recommended.

Cached data build-ups, including DNS records, can get in the way and trigger connectivity issues.

Here’s how to flush DNS on your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Launch an elevated (Administrator rights) CMD prompt
  2. Type the commands below, each followed by the Enter key:
    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • ipconfig /registerdns
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
    • netsh winsock reset
  3. Restart your PC

Once your PC is back alive, you should launch Windscribe and try connecting to one of its servers.

If bad/outdated DNS information was what caused the error, Windscribe should connect and work without a hiccup.

Windscribe alternatives

Are the above-mentioned methods still not working for you? Maybe you should give try out a new VPN. For instance, here’s how Windscribe compares to ExpressVPN, a very inexpensive yet powerful VPN:

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