Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam Анемометр

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Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

PSC12 (PSC calculation type) is a standard SAP transaction code available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level.

Below for your convenience is a few details about this tcode including any standard documentation available. In-order to use this transaction within your SAP system simply enter it into the command input box located in the top left hand corner and press enter.
Here are a few additional command options available to use when doing this.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

Screen Number: 0000

Parameter transaction: YesPSC12 is a parameter transaction so it actually executes a differnet tcode. This is while when you debug PSC12 it will actualy show
a different tcode based on the parameter value below. Note if the the tcode within the parameter includes /* it means that it will call the transaction and skip the first screen. You can also use this yourself in the top left commend box to skip the first screen when calling a transaction.

Tcode Parameter: /*SM30 VIEWNAME=v_t8psccalct;UPDATE=X;

Here we would like to draw your attention to PSC12 transaction code in SAP. As we know it is being used in the SAP CA-JVA (Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting in CA) component which is coming under CA module (Cross Application).PSC12 is a transaction code used for PSC calculation type in SAP.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

It comes under the package GJPSC.

Transaction PSC12 technical data table

PSC21 SAP tcode for – PSC calculation type assignment

PSCCA SAP tcode for – PSC calculation

PSC27 SAP tcode for – PSC Source Assignment to Calc Type

PSC94 SAP tcode for – PSC Oil Type

PSCTF SAP tcode for – PSC Transfer Calculation

PSCREV SAP tcode for – PSC calculation reversal

PSC17 SAP tcode for – PSC source assignment

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SAP GUI Support for tcode PSC12

When a tcode is created you can select which SAP GUI it has support for from HTML, Java and the main Windows GUI you are probably most familiar with.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam

SAPGUI for HTMLPSC12 does not support the HTML web based GUI. The SAP GUI for HTML generates HTML pages for each screen of the SAP transaction so that it can be executed within a standard web browser. Please note there are technical restrictions and possible incompatibility issues with certain browsers which means some transaction functionality may not function correctly.

SAPGUI for windowsPSC12 does not support the Windows based GUI. Windows(WinGUI) support is the most popular option and transactions can be run under SAP GUI for Windows.

Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Job Profile 2023

Are you interested in Kerala PSC 12th Level Vacancy 2023? If interested, check below to know the job profile.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Mains 2023

The second stage of the Kerala PSC recruitment procedure is the main exam. Candidates who qualify for prelims will be called for face-to-face interviews.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam Calander 2023

Check below to download Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam Calander 2023

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam 2023

1. What is the Kerala PSC 12th Level Preliminary Exam Eligibility?

Ans. For the Kerala PSC 12th Level Prelims exam, candidates are required to be in the age group of 18-46 years. They must have passed the 12th standard from any recognized school educational Board

2. What are the number vacancies released under the Kerala PSC Recruiting Board 2023?

3. What is the medium of exam for the Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Exam 2023?

4. What is the selection process of Kerala PSC Degree Level?

5. How to apply for the Kerala PSC Plus Two Level Exam 2023?

SAP Program associated with transaction PSC12

For further details and documentation see program

Kerala PSC 12th Level Prelims 2023

Kerala PSC 12th Level Prelims Exam Pattern: Score Level

Search/List all SAP tcodes

SAP transaction related information

Search for further information about these or an SAP related objects

Besides this, several positions require a physical examination and other tests to be qualified. Those who clear all the stages will select for the applied post.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Interview 2023

The Kerala PSC 12th level selection process 2023 concludes with the interview phase. Candidates who qualifies Mains will be choosen for Kerala PSC Interview 2023. During the interview phase, the candidates are required to submit the documents to the exam recruitment board. The candidates would be disqualified and punished if any sort of mistake or malpractice is discovered at this step. So, it is essential to keep the documents accurate before the document verification.

Know more about the upcoming Kerala PSC exams

Candidates need to examine the eligibility requirements before applying for the 12th-level post. Check the KPSC 12th level Eligibility Criteria 2023.

PSC 12th Level Age Limit

To be eligible for any Kerala PSC 12th-level position, candidates must be at least 18 years old. The maximum age is set at 46 years old. Candidates from the reserved category, on the other hand, have received age relaxation.

Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam 2023 Notification

Kerala PSC holds a single preliminary exam for all 12th-level positions. The preliminary exam, main exam, skill/physical test, and personality test are all parts of the Kerala PSC 12th-level Recruitment process. The official notification for the Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam is currently available on the PSC website. Before proceeding with the application form, interested candidates should refer to the notification PDF file to learn detail on the recruitment process, vacancy details, eligibility, application fee, etc. Click on the below link to access the latest Kerala PSC 12th Level Exam Notification.

Kerala PSC Plus 2 Level Prelims Exam Calendar – 2023

Listed below is a table consisting of all important insights regarding the dates of examination for various exams of Kerala PSC Plus two Level exam.

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