Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Don’t miss the high quality pvc patches here.

Best Custom PVC Patches No Minimum Quantity

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Be Trusted Everywhere

We have a long-term, stable, and friendly cooperative relationship with many famous brands all over the world. In addition to PVC patches, we also produce more than 20 custom products. Start consulting now, we are happy to design and produce the perfect personalized PVC custom patch for your organization or individual.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Please send us your great ideas.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Create excellent artwork for you.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Your truly impressive embroidery work.

Using PVC Patches Custom Effectively

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

No Backing

Sewing on along with the grooves around the edge of custom pvc patches.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Velcro Hook Backing

The hook fasteners can attach on your clothes with loop area.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Velcro Loop Backing

The loop fasteners can attach on your clothes with hook area.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Velcro Hoop-Loop Backing

Sewing loop backing on your clothes;  Add your pvc patches with hook to loop backing.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Adhesive Backing

Tear up the backing; Stick on your clothes directly with strong adhesive.

2D PVC Patches VS 3D PVC Patches

What is 2D/3D? Which One Is Right for My custom pvc patch? Let’s see the difference between Custom 2D and 3D PVC patches.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Need Your Own Designs?

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

Featuring Designs, News & Information About Custom Rubber Patches

Customize Promotional Products and Gifts

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

PVC Lapel Pins

Soft PVC Pin Badges

The PVC lapel pins are a badge produced from PVC material and can be worn on the body. Based on years of experience in producing PVC products, we can produce the details of PVC quite clearly and the product could always have good quality!! Whether it is 2D / 3D with colors enameled in or printing methods, we can always help customer to carry out their ideal design. The most popular attachment of PVC lapel pins are butterfly clutch but customers can always choose the model they like most to conform to the function they need.

Product Feature

For PVC products, Star Lapel Pin has a very complete product line and stable material suppliers. PVC lapel pins are bright and eye-catching, so they are especially popular with children. The materials must be safe materials, which is particularly important when used for children! It is also the main reason why many customers specify to cooperate with us.

Case Study

Many of our kindergarten customers especially like these PVC lapel pins. Before outdoor teaching of their students, many kindergartens will use school badges as the design of PVC lapel pins. When children go out, they will wear them together. It is not only fun, but also can be used for kindergarten great advertising benefits.


There have craft and attachment for reference.

Promotional gifts meeting European standard EN71 or low lead standards in the United States, Star Lapel Pin has over 36 years experience in the metal industry, the machinery and equipment constantly update CNC and discard it, automatic injection and automatic color machine, etc. Through our manufacturing site over 64,000 square meters with 1000 experienced workers, the machinery and equipment constantly update, we guarantee that you’re happy with your order-each and every time.

Star Lapel Pin has been offering customers high-quality promotional gifts since 1984, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Star Lapel Pin ensures each customer’s demands are met.

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FAQs of Wholesale Pvc Pin

Wholesale Pvc Pin Products

Shop online for wholesale pvc pin? Global Sources has a full-scale list of wholesale pvc pin products at factory prices featured
by verified wholesalers & manufacturers from China, India, Korea, and other countries to satisfy all the requirements!

Buy pvc pin from China

Pvc pin are small decoration items that you can wear on your clothing to show support for an organization or a cause and to express your interests. Apart from being fashionable, wholesale pvc pin at factory prices can help you stand out with colors. They are also collectible. Here are the things to consider when sourcing pvc pin products online.

For a cohesive and strong look, you have to buy pvc pin that match your other accessories, such as belt buckles, watches, and cufflinks. Therefore, polished and elegant pvc pin, such as gold or silver-polished ones might be the best choice.

Verified wholesalers and manufacturers from China offer pvc pin for every gender. Therefore, if you are a man you might look amateurish if you buy a lapel pin designed for women. The market further offers unisex lapel pins designed for both genders.

The market offers a wide range of lapel pins and therefore you will find the perfect style for you. For example, you can choose metal pins or plastic (PVC) pins, which are lighter. Most pvc pin suppliers and buyers go for custom-made pvc pin, mostly made of acrylic glass, fabric, or wood.

Unlike tie bars and cufflinks, pvc pin do not serve any practical function. They sit on the lapel of a jacket to serve an aesthetic function. Therefore, the market only offers various types to match different needs. You can buy them for use as decoration items, gifts, novelty brooches, school badges, or souvenirs.

This might sound obvious but you have to ensure that the lapel pin matches your suit or tuxedo. An overly big lapel pin will look strange, meaning that you should go for options that are relative to your outfit. Remember to check the MOQ when buying wholesale pvc pin.

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of lapel pins is a formal setting and a metal on the breast of a worn suit. However, lapel pins are not just limited to that. There are plenty of other uses of lapel pins too like marketing and advertising or endorsing a logo or some motivational quote or message.

Lately, PVC is being used to manufacture the perfect kind of lapel pins. These PVC lapel pins are sturdy, strong, and is the best alternative for decorative as well as useful purposes.

What is PVC Lapel Pins?

Most of us have only known traditional metal pins in the name of to be worn on jackets and shirts. However, times are changing, and lapel pins are evolving too. Nowadays, PVC lapel pins have come into the picture, these are rubber soft PVC lapel pins and can be used in more number of ways than one can fathom.

Custom PVC lapel pins have also become the norm. promotion, brand endorsement, marketing, and fashion, all aspects can be met with the correct designing of custom PVC lapel pins.

Promotional Products Manufacturer From Taiwan

How can It be Used?

Many people wrongly believe that the job of a lapel pin is only limited to as a style statement. Although that is not completely untrue, things are changing lately. are finding more and better uses.

Marketing, advertising, endorsing, or just sporting the logo of your favorite company or sports team are only a few of the many uses of custom PVC lapel pins. The biggest advantage here is that you can customize them to suit your personal style and preferences.

Get a funky looking trendy design as custom PVC lapel pins accordingly. Wearing such a PVC pin to a casual fun event will only pull up your look several notches higher. You can experiment with it like wearing a bold color or a super cool design.

When going to support your favorite sports team or organization, wear a customized PVC lapel pin accordingly. It will only add to your belief in the team.

Gift one of such customized and personalized PVC lapel pins to your colleague or your teacher who may be switching jobs. Custom PVC lapel pins stating phrases like ‘Cool mom’ or ‘Best teacher Ever’ will remain nothing but memorable in the long run.

In case you are running a start-up, get a PVC lapel pin cheap designed accordingly, and sport it along with your team wherever you go. This will not just draw attention to you but will also compel people to raise questions about it. if nothing else, it can pave way for you to advertise your product or service at a networking event.

Not only these, but there are also plenty of other ways too by which you can out custom PVC lapel pins to good use. You can get creative and innovative with it, and you may come up with better uses for custom soft PVC lapel pins.

Why Choose GS-JJ?

True that there are plenty of other online stores that sell soft rubber pins and PVC custom lapel pins. However, stands out from the rest in a variety of ways.

At GS-JJ, you can choose your own design, shape, color, size, and dimensions of your PVC lapel pins. Although there are set standards for the generic lapel pins, you can prefer to design your pin and personalize it as per your likes.

GS-JJ is also capable of producing 2D or 3D PVC lapel pins, if that’s what you want, you can choose what kind of design you wish to sport on the pin and it will be made accordingly. The thickness will also be set as per the shape and design.

This website is one of the most reasonably priced ones in almost all of the online stores for PVC custom products. You can rest assured that you won’t be charged more than what is required or expected of each product, be it PVC lapel pins or any other custom PVC produ

It is because of these reasons that has established a good reputation for itself in the online market. In addition to it, excellent customer service is what draws customers and clients to this store repeatedly.

Be it PVC lapel pins or any other PVC products that need to be customized, GS-JJ will get it done in less than a jiffy. The ultimate goal of the makers and designers here is to provide the customers with the best possible products and service both before and after the sale.

You can choose any size, color, design, and customization for your PVC product, be it  PVC dog tags or PVC lapel pins, and you will seldom face any regrets. Make sure that you go through the website and its contents before zeroing down on any PVC lapel pin cheap customized product. They are

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